The Power of the People

Who Powers Power Street?

You Do!

Power Street is a nonprofit organization which means we need collective power to fulfill our mission. We can’t do the work we do without the support of our community and…

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Let's Make Change!

A note from Power Street

Right now is a necessary time to call out injustice and call in new practices, particularly in artistic spaces. The work we do at Power Street came out of the lack of representation we see time and time again. We thought it was time for theater leaders to amplify the stories of our communities on their stages and within their programming (year round), but now we are molding ourselves into those leaders. At Power Street we seek to imagine and build a new world of theater making.

For people of color, this new world looks like production designs that centers POC voices both onstage and off stage with opportunities to practice and strengthen skills. The kind of work that welcomes diverse and inter-generational audiences.

For womxn and gender non-conforming folks, this new world looks like making room for more seats at the table – by offering someone new a seat – or even extending the table itself. The kind of work that welcomes new perspectives and solutions as equal decision makers on artistic teams, administrative staff, and boards.

For immigrant and refugee communities, this new world feels like a welcoming space. The kind of work that cultivates a sense of belonging and connection through the shared experience of live performance.

For members of the next generation, this new world feels like a space to let imagination fly free. The kind of work that makes space for their experience and provides them mentorship as visionaries of the future.

For Philadelphians, this new world is diverse filled with a multitudes of races, genders, and abilities.The kind of work that allows us to see ourselves in an entirely new way.

At Power Street, we feel responsible for being the historians of our culture. We have waited a long time for the city and other institutions to listen to our voices, to share stories like ours, to open up their spaces to Philadelphians outside of “mainstream” zip codes.

We feel dedicated toward cultivating a culture of access, advocacy, and appreciation for the arts – particularly in our brown and black neighborhoods who often do not feel welcome into traditional theater spaces. We believe that theater and cultural experiences cultivate curiosity and the bravery to discover your own voice, to own your story, and engage in your liberation.

Producing our radical theater making and offering educational programs to our community is hard work and takes a lot of financial resources, which brown and black institutions have limited access to. Now more than ever Power Street needs your support.

We can’t do this without you and collective power.

In Solidarity,
Power Street