24 Hour Virtual Rally

We choose to wield the power of the arts, to stand in solidarity, to speak as one, and advocate for a city budget that uplifts the people of Philadelphia! We must save Philly Art And Culture DefundPPD.

There's many ways to join the rally:

Submit a Pre-Recorded Video Testimonial or Performance: share who you are and expresses your belief in the importance and power of art to transform lives, communities, cities! Take a look at this video for an example of testimonials already submitted. Record yours and send as an attachment to: submissions@light-thief.com (if your file is too large to submit via email, contact us and we will help you get the files to us!).

Sign Up for a Block of Time to Livestream: individuals and households can sign up to go live during the rally. Sharing testimonials, artwork, or demonstrating the process of calling City Council are all some ways we suggest to participate and to register your opposition to the de-funding of the arts! If you are an artist, photographer, painter, illustrator, actor, videographer, DJ, musician, dancer, or artist of any kind interested in going live for an extended period of time (15 minutes - hour) let us know! Please be mindful of sharing copyrighted content that could result in our Livestream being cut! Individuals Can Sign Up Here!

Organizations: We encourage you to commit to four 15-minute slots or 1-hour of digitally protesting. This can be 4 resident artists or staff doing 15 minutes each of phone banking to City Hall, reciting a monologue or poem, dancing to music, or sharing the impact arts and culture in Philadelphia and beyond. Organizations Can Sign Up Here!

Simulcast the Livestream: on the days of the Rally, share the livestream via your own social media networks by signing up here! 

Sign Petitions: Click here to sign and share.