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May 27th Emergency Meeting!

Join Power Street in demanding Mayor Kenney save the arts

Just like in other cities around the country, artists of all backgrounds are heavily impacted by Covid-19 and now more than ever artists need their communities to tell their local and national government(s) know that their work is so important! Power Street Theatre is having a Zoom meeting on Wednesday May 27th to tell Philly Mayor John Kenney that cutting costs to the arts fund is cutting arts and culture from the entire city of Philadelphia! To join the meeting go to our Eventbrite page.

“This is about far more than the cancellation of performances and exhibitions,” the letter continues. “This is about individuals—artists and cultural workers alike—whose livelihoods are being threatened if not already irrevocably impacted. This is also about the soul of our communities: It is the arts that make each of our communities unique. And it is the arts that will help our communities survive and thrive economically.”

The above quote is from the ARTFORUM article that can be found through this link.

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