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Congrats Lori!

Special shout out to one of PST’s members, Lori Felipe-Barkin for her play Flor Underwater being part of the 2020 New Play Development Conference! Her play will be presented through a virtual reading on Monday 7/20 at 7pm!

“In Florida, the water is rising, the climate is changing, and Flor and her children are looking to get theirs before it all goes to sh*t. Inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children, and intended to be performed in slow rising water, Flor Underwater is a not-too-distant-future re-imagining of America’s loopiest state in crisis as its rednecks, Cubans, Miccosukee Indians, and Mar O Lagans struggle to claim a piece of the state they call home…or what’s left of it. Flor Underwater is a nightmare, yes, but it is above anything else a love song to Florida herself.”

Registration for Flor Underwater and other plays will open 7/1. To read more about the conference click here!

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