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July/August 2023

In partnership with Esperanza Health Center, Power Street Theatre collaborated to bring Comunidades Conectades to the community in Kensington summer 2023.

En asociación con Esperanza Health Center, Power Street Theatre está colaborando para llevar este programa a la comunidad en Kensington el verano 2023.



May 2023

CC May 2023.png

This is the first Comunidades Conectads since last summer. We partnered with Dr. Cynthia Estmera Gauthier, who is our new Consultant, Director of Racial Equity and Engagement at Strategy Arts, and Ayana Woods of Strategy Arts at Cantina La Martina. 


The community members shared stories and discussed issues around migration, displacement, and home with community members over food by Cantina la Martina.

June 2022

Anti-Violence Story Circle

CC_June anti-violence.PNG

What are the different kinds of violence we experience in our communities and our homes? How do we help our communities process violence, understand the roots of it, and develop tools to stop it before it starts?


Tune in to our socials on Wednesday, June 22nd 7:00-8:30pm Facebook and Youtube Live to watch an open discussion with Philadelphians and guest speaker Rosalind Pichardo around violence prevention, healing, y comunidad. Together, we will share stories.  Unidos, we will dream up ideas and solutions for a healthier, safer and more freeing world. Be part of the conversation and participate in the comments on the live feed!   


Hash Tags: #comunidad #violenceprevention #healing #storycircle #northphilly #unidos 

April 2022

CC April Spanish.png

What does it mean to be well? How do you know when you are not well? Join us on April 25th at 7pm for an interactive and creative workshop on balance and wellness. 

We’ll explore the different kinds of wellness, share stories of our own journey towards balance, and leave with practical tools we can use to start fresh in Spring 2022! 

February 2022

A story circle on Afro-Latinidad
Una discusión sobre la Afro-Latinidad 

CC Feb Afro_Latinidad.png

In the first Story Circle event of the year, we had an amazing discussion on  African history and heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean with Dr. Louisa Ossa and Andres "Chulisi" Rodriguez. 

December 2021

Holiday Story Circle & Bingo Night

Story Circle Holiday 7pm.png

In the last Story Circle event, the community members enjoyed a fun bingo games to say goodbye the hard year with PST members!

Reconnecting in Disconnected Times /Conectándonos en tiempos desconectados

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 11.26.04 AM.png

Sin duda, la pandemia ha sido muy difícil para todos. ¡Ven a relajarte con nosotros! ¡Únete a Comunidades Conectadas para una noche de juegos, risa y conexión mientras procesamos juntos estos 20 meses! 


¡Habrá premios de cash! 



¡Recursos para la salud mental!

November 2021

August 2021   

Immigration Q&A


June 2021

Immigration: A Survival Guide

Join Comunidades Conectadas as we discuss immigration and what it takes to build a stable life in America. We will be sharing resources across communities. Come prepared with your unanswered questions and your best advice for newly arrived neighbors.

 A legal expert will be present to answer your questions.

 Arabic and Spanish translators will also be available.


Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 11.45.19 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 11.44.45 AM.png

September -October 2019


Do you live in North Philly? Here’s a special chance to eat delicious food, see MinorityLand for free, and make some money!


Power Street is hosting three community gatherings which include food and a free ticket to our next show. As we connect with neighbors over food and drinks at West Kensington Ministry, a Power Street facilitator will host a conversation about what stories are on the community's mind in connection with themes from MinorityLand such as preserving communities. Then we'll enjoy a free performance of MinorityLand at West Kensington Ministry. Your voice matters to us - so much that you'll receive a $25 gift card just for joining us! Each gathering is limited to 20 people!


What’s the catch? None...except we’d like to invite you back for one last dinner and conversation after the run of MinorityLand. There will be food, drinks, and another conversation about the show - and you’ll get a $50 gift card for joining us once again! 

*This program is only available for residents in the 19134, 19133, 19125, 19124, 19122, and 19140 zip codes. 

Bus Adventures
Free transportation to the theatre!

We know that transportation can be a challenge and we want to make it easier for you to see MinorityLand at West Kensington Ministry.

Select a pick-up point below, from one of our incredible community partners, purchase a $15 Comunidades Conectades Bus ticket to MinorityLand in advance (youth tickets available for pay-what-you-can), then meet us at Camp Sojourner or Asian Arts Initiative for free round trip transportation! Power Street is known for selling out so purchase your tickets in advance as soon as you can!


2019 Community Partners & Pick-Up Points

Camp Sojourner
Located at The Calvary - 801 S. 48th St.
Saturday, September 28th
Departs at 1:45
Performance starts at 3pm 
Asian Arts Initiative Logo External Use
Asian Arts Initiative
Located at 1219 Vine St.
Thursday, October 3rd
Departs at 6:10 
Performance starts at 7pm

Questions about Comunidades Conectadas program? 

Get in touch with us at

This program is made possible because of the crucial support provided by the William Penn Foundation and Bread and Roses Future Fund. 

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Bread & Roses logo.png

Power Street Theatre is sponsored by;

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Independence Media Foundation 2022
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WPF LOGO (1).png

PST is fiscally sponsored by the Culture Trust of Greater Philadelphia.

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