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Nuestras Historias/Our Stories 

Power Street Theatre is a project-based organization, which means we don't produce in a traditional subscription model. Be sure to check back here to see what events are happening, or join our
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In summer of 2020, Power Street Theatre changed up our Theatre Al Fresco summer programming to Nuestras Historias/Our Stories, Power Street’s first children’s theater performance.


Power Street brought together storytellers, writers, and directors to bring original and traditional folktales from around the world to life. This virtual performance is perfect for kids of all ages. 

Featured artists: Pratima Agrawal, Ang Bey, Tanaquil Marquez, Arthur Robinson, Krystal Rosa, Anjoli Santiago, and Sabriaya Shipley.

"I remember only once in my career when I felt truly at home in a theater. I have always felt passion for my craft, and been part of moments that were beautiful and transcendent, but I have always carried the knowledge of being an other - an outsider. I remember during a rehearsal for LAS MUJERES…I sat and looked around the room and realized for the very first time in my life I wasn't code-switching. I could speak in half Spanish if I wanted. I could make reference to my abuelita, or empanadas, or praise a memory with "besos besos besos" straight from my thoughts to the world outside. I looked around and knew no one was going to ask me an insensitive question about my name, or my heritage, or "my people" as has happened so often before. I found myself in a room full of artists of color, elevating the voices of women and female-identifying artists, being as open, and kind, and thoughtful, and full of passion, and emotional, and supportive, and inclusive as I had always dreamed the rehearsal room could be… I hope to feel that way in a rehearsal room again and I try to build all of the rehearsals I have had since then on that experience, decolonizing the process of making art. That is a gift and an affirmation that has deeply changed me as an artist and a moment I will never forget."
- Tamanya Garza (Director of Las Mujeres & Advisory Board Member)

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