About Us

Photo Credit: Jen Cleary 

History & Mission

Power Street Theatre, founded in 2012 by Gabriela Sanchez and Erlina Ortiz, has grown into a collective of fierce multicultural and multidisciplinary artists.


We are dedicated to connecting communities through the power of story by making theatre accessible to communities in North Philadelphia. Power Street is dedicated to creating and producing new inspiring stories with innovative voices.

In the past seven years Power Street has produced seven full productions in addition to developing an educational program called Land & Body, which provides adults free theatre classes in North Philly. Power Street continues to grow artistically and with their new educational programs.


Power Street is a member of The CultureTrust of Greater Philadelphia.  We're so thankful to CultureWorks who provides a charitable home and affordable shared management resources for arts and heritage programs of diverse disciplines and cultural traditions.

Our Values

Art for Social Change: We nurture a culture of access, advocacy, and appreciation for the arts. We believe theatre is an act of resistance, that giving community members the power to use their voices is revolutionary, and we utilize our plays to encourage dialogue about contemporary political and social issues.

Collective Power: We cultivate a community by creating safe spaces that allow for open communication outside of the limits of typical patriarchal hierarchies.

Integrity: Power Street artists respect our differences and strive to keep inclusivity in mind at all times. We believe it is in our day to day that we can build a more just and equitable future.

Transparency: Power Street’s resident artists work together with an agreement of active listening – without assumption

or prejudice. We bring this offstage by striving to make our audiences part of Power Street's community where we openly share the ups and downs of our growth.

Cross Cultural Experiences: We are committed to sharing and supporting the artists, leadership, and narratives of people of color, immigrants, and refugees.

Impact: We strive to build quality long-term relationships with artists and community members through our programming. Power Street is committed to discovering the universality of experience through performing arts.

Photo credit: Jen Cleary

Meet our Resident Artists

Gabriela Sanchez,


​"Our vision is a direct call to action to build a table among POC leaders to innovate, collaborate and strategize on the future of theater in Philadelphia."

Erlina Ortiz,

Resident Playwright

"Power Street Theatre is a place for me to fulfill my dream of writing, developing my voice, and working on important new plays.”

Asaki Kuruma,

Resident Artist

"I believe our immigrant stories celebrate courage and have the power to change communities for the better."

Diana Rodriguez,

Resident Artist

 "If you believe in the power to shape, educate, and reconstruct humanity through art, then Power Street is your masterpiece."

Anjoli Santiago,
Resident Artist

"I am a member of Power Street Theatre because the company is fearless and willing to embrace the realities of today."

Krystal Rosa,
Resident Artist

"I’m apart of Power Street because they make me feel like family, and I knew PST was a powerful force
to learn from."

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