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Kiss of Addixion

Power Street Theatre is a project-based organization, which means we don't produce in a traditional subscription model. Be sure to check back here to see what events are happening, or join our monthly Power Newsletter to stay updated on what's next!

*This project was originally scheduled to be performed in the spring of 2020, which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19.

Power Street Theatre will transport you down the yellow brick road - down to Emerald Street where King Oz is stuck is in a fever dream. You realize this isn’t the land of Oz over the rainbow, this is the land of Oz right here in your own neighborhood. Developed by artists and community residents, Kiss of Addixion brings to life stories of opioid dependency from North Philadelphia residents. Journey through different perspectives to investigate the complexities of substance abuse and the consequences of health injustice.

Directed by Gabriela Sanchez 

Performed by by Anjoli Santiago, Donnell Powell, Tiffany Janell, and Edwin Desamour
Featuring live percussion by Karen Smith

Power Street Theatre is sponsored by;

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Independence Media Foundation 2022
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PST is fiscally sponsored by the Culture Trust of Greater Philadelphia.

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