February 9th and 10th 

Grassroots arts and culture organizations throughout Philadelphia are calling upon YOU to show your support, share your story, and amplify the value of art by participating in a Digital Rally for Philly Arts on Tuesday, February 9th and Wednesday, February 10th, 2021!


Artists will be paid $50 for 30 minutes of content they curate for the rally with a maximum of two slots per artist or organization. 


Send an email to to schedule your slot. 


In the email include: 

  • Preferred date: Tuesday, Feb. 9th or Wednesday, Feb.10th. 

  • Preferred slot: morning, afternoon or evening.

  • Contact information: (First Name, Last Name, Artistic Disciplines, Phone Number, Insta Handles/ Facebook and slot pitch.) 

  • Headshot/ Photo for promotion.

We ask you to consider while planning your curated half hour:


How can art be used in this time to be a catalyst for social change? What are examples of social justice and socially conscious art that raises awareness and speaks to the character of our nation that you would want to share in this time? 

So what can you do with your slot? 


  1. A live performance of your artistic medium (reciting a monologue or poem, dancing to music, painting live, sharing of costume design for recent production and talking about your craft etc).

  2. 10-15 minutes of past artistic video footage with 10-15 minutes live reflecting on the footage or taking questions from FB comments. 

  3. Bring on a friend or small panel to discuss a topic of your choosing that fits the theme. 

  4. You could go live and make calls to City Council demonstrating your support for an increase and investment to Philadelphia’s artistic community. 

  5. Share resources on wellness and maintaining your artistic practice during the pandemic. 

  6. If you are a teaching artist you could interview young artists you work with. 

  7. Share testimony on the impact of the arts in your life. 


These are some ideas, feel free to pitch other ideas for your slot to the organizers. 

We will also ask all participating artists to share on your social media and help get the word out using the hashtag - #savephillyartsandculture #LightsOn














Who We Are

A collective of Philadelphia Arts and Culture leaders. The Digital Rally for Philly Arts was conceived by James Jackson, Executive Producer of Light Thief Productions with the support of  Power Street Theatre, a collective of multicultural and multidisciplinary artists based in West Kensington. Lead organizers include LaNeshe Miller-White, James Jackson, Jose Alicea, Asaki Kuruma, Gabriela Sanchez and Erlina Ortiz.


On June 8th and 9th, 2020, a Digital Rally for Philly Arts was held for a period of 24-hours over two-days. It included a livestream of testimonials, performances, music, dance, and more was simulcast via the social media networks of Philadelphia arts organizations to oppose the defunding of arts and culture, reaching over 11,000 views to date. The Digital Rally for Philly Arts was conceived by James Jackson who attended PST’s Emergency Action Meeting and proposed this idea. It was held with the support of Power Street Theatre, Light Thief Productions, Big Picture Alliance, Girls Rock Philly, Rock to the Future, Spiral Q, Theatre in the X, and Vox Populi Gallery.

Funded by Bread and Roses Solidarity Fund