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2022 Midterm Election-
Do you have a plan to VOTE?

2022 Midterms: Election Day is coming up on Tuesday, November 8th. Here’s what you need to know…

The Story

On Tuesday, November 8, voters across the country will head to the polls. This year, 36 gubernatorial35 Senate, and all 435 House seats are up for election. As well as countless local positions. While everyone’s ballot will look a little different, the consensus is the same: The stakes are super high.

Tell me. 

In Washington, Congress’s fate hangs in the balance — so depending on which party wins, the Biden admin may need to adjust its to-do list. Reminder: Republicans need a net gain of just one seat to flip the Senate and five seats to take back the House. And polls and pundits indicate control of either chamber is a toss up or thiiis close. But what’s happening farther down your ballot is just as consequential this year. Because many of the issues that could impact your day-to-day life are on the line at the state or local level. Including…

  • Reproductive rights. The fall of Roe v. Wade means abortion is now decided at the state level. So, some places are following in Kansas’s footsteps by putting anti-abortion referendums on the ballot (hi, Kentucky and Montana) — although Kansas’s measure failed. On the other hand, voters in CaliforniaMichigan, and Vermont will decide whether their state constitutions should be amended to protect abortion rights. Reminder: Even if you aren’t voting in one of those states, abortion is on the ballot almost everywhere — with candidates both for and against abortion rights. 

  • Future elections. Voting about voting? So meta. Michigan and Connecticut are deciding whether to expand voting access, by letting people vote early in future elections. While in Nevada, there could be a total overhaul of how elections are run (think: open primaries, ranked-choice voting). Then, there’s Arizona, where there’s a ballot measure that would add voter ID requirements. Also, reportedly, a majority of GOP candidates running for office have denied or questioned the outcome of the 2020 election. (Even though there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud.) That includes several who, if elected, would be in charge of overseeing future elections — potentially undermining democracy.

  • Gun safety. Mass shootings and rising gun homicide rates are top of mind for many voters. (See: Nearly 60% of respondents in one poll said gun policy would play a “major” role in their decisions.) So candidates are making it a big part of the conversation. In some states, there are also ballot measures. See: Iowa, where voters will decide whether to put the right “to keep and bear arms” in the state constitution. And Oregon, where there’s a gun control measure on the ballot that, if passed, would reportedly be one of the strictest in the country. 

  • Education. Governor. Superintendent. School board member. There are a number of state races that could impact your child’s school. Since this election cycle comes amid a wave of anti-CRT rhetoricbook bans, and policies that discriminate against LGBTQIA+ youth.

  • The economy. From the gas station to the grocery store, everywhere you go is a reminder that prices aren’t what they used to be. Yep, we’re talking about inflation. One poll found that more than 80% of Americans ranked it as a top issue. And with high prices expected to continue, candidates across the country are making the case for how they’ll ease the financial burden.


 (Source: SKIMM, "Midterms") 

Immigration: Survival Guide Resource

This is the resource sheet we curated for the Comunidades Conectades June event, discussing immigration in the USA in 2021. It includes the information on organizations and agencies for legal services, health assistance, housing issue and food assistance. 

*By clicking it will open a 2-page PDF document (in English and Spanish).

Access the free resource sheet>>>

Digital Rally Update!

The City of Philadelphia's Arts, Culture and Creative Economy has published the Final Findings Report on what the City's arts and culture need from the City to recover from the crisis due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is critical for the City to support the small- and mid-size non-profit organizations that contribute to the City's economy and vibrancy.

Read the Final Findings Report>>>

Tell your District Councilmember that you support the funding for the arts and cultural organizations>>>

COVID-19 and Vaccination

Here is the latest on the vaccination in the City of Philadelphia. 

Go to their website- COVID-19

The City of Philadelphia has started the registration for your to receive the vaccination.

Go to the Registration page

Update: 4/29/2021

Here is the information sheet we created for Comunidades Conectadas Story Circle (in English & Spanish). There are resources about cost, safety, and places you can get the vaccination.

Access the information sheet>>>

City of Philadelphia FY2023 Budget proposal cuts funds for Arts & Culture

Newly proposed annual budget for the City of Philadelphia FY2023 suggests approximately $1M budget cut for Arts and Culture sector next year. Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance CEO Patricia Wilson Aden state in their website, "What is most disappointing, though, is that $3.5 million was deemed “too much” to allocate for arts and culture within a $5.61 billion budget (Less than 1%)" and PST strongly agree. 

Read the whole statement here>>>>

Find out what the proposed FY23 budget look like>>>

So what can we do? Contact your local Council Members and tell them why you think arts and culture is important for you, for your community, and our beautiful and tough city!!

Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL)

Parent Artist Advocacy League is a national organization providing resources, support, and solution for the parents and caregivers who are in the performing arts and media industry. Our Advisory Board member Tamanya Garza is the national director of Community & Justice Initiatives. They just released a handbook of best practices for supporting caregivers in the performing arts. There are also grants and other info on the site.

Go to their website>>>

Fight against the racialized crimes

Stop Asian Hate and Asian American Pacific Islander Solidarity Resources.

See the resources page>>

Petition to Demand the gun control in the City of Philadelphia, organized by Councilmember Jamie Gauthier.

Sign the petition for Philadelphia>>

Learn Your Shadow by Ang Bey

Multi-disciplinary artist Ang Bey read this piece of writing during the Digital Rally in 2020, and we instantly fell in love with the intensity and vulnerability of their voice. Jen Cleary filmed and edited a video, and here is a teaser. The entire video will come out on February 9th during the Digital Rally 2021. 

To read the text in English, click here>>

To read the text in Spanish, click here>>

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PST is fiscally sponsored by the Culture Trust of Greater Philadelphia.

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